Rising US retail inventories set stage for transport pullback

Retail inventory-to-sales ratios are now near the post-recession high point of 1.51 they reached in March 2016. Photo credit: A tariff-driven spike in US retail […]

Houston port authority seeks flexibility in channel restriction

While the Port of Houston Authority ruled that only one container vessels larger than 9,500 TEU could traverse the port channel each week, the authority argues […]

Federal grants to boost US freight projects

The US Department of Transportation is now accepting applications for up to $900 million in Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) grants for the fiscal […]

India advances reworked port tariff rules

Throughput at DP World Lawmakers in India have set the stage for older terminal concessionaires to migrate from a “skewed” 2005 revenue sharing regime to a […]

Sponsored Video: Port LA eyes trade policies, consumer confidence for 2019

Sponsored: Harnessing big data is the key to increasing fluidity of cargo movements, Port of Los Angeles Exec. Director Gene Seroka explains in this interview with […]

Sponsored Video: Tech won’t be the differentiator, Laufer says

Sponsored: No matter whether the market goes up or down, this year carriers are more inclined than ever to change their culture, Laufer Group International CEO […]

Scrubber retrofits to put added pressure on reliability

Alphaliner Executive Consultant Tan Hua Joo tells roughly 4.4 million TEU in container ship capacity will be taken out of service in the lead up […]

US-Mexico cargo delays spur new transport approaches

As ongoing, rolling delays at the US-Mexico border threaten cross-border manufacturing operations that rely on quick, dependable deliveries, US importers and Mexican shippers are expediting freight, […]

Slowing trade solidifies challenge to shipping

Container volume growth tends to outpace the expansion of the value of tradeby 1 to 2 percentage points, but both are flattening. Photo credit: It’s […]

US warehouse demand shows signs of cooling

After 34 quarters in which availability rates declined, the rate fell by a “modest” amount and the change was “essentially flat” in the first quarter of […]