Terminal automation will progress, slowly: analyst

The TraPac Los Angeles terminal is one of two fully automated terminals on the West Coast, where a third automated terminal is on the way. Photo […]

Europe’s Green Deal wants shipping included in emissions trading

The shipping industry would prefer to self-regulate its decarbonization moves, rather than fall under Europe’s emissions trading system. Photo credit: Shipping’s long-running campaign to remain […]

Breakbulk & Project Cargo

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El Dorado

El Dorado, designed to capture the momentum of the current technology wave crashing over the liner shipping industry, will deeply explore the rapidly expanding impact of […]

Special report: Breakbulk chartering and the art of project forwarding

For project forwarders, chartering is a complex piece in a changing project logistics puzzle. Photo credit: Despite chronic overcapacity in the multipurpose/heavy-lift (MPV/HL) fleet, finding […]

Alphaliner raises alarm over possible overcharging on low-sulfur fees

Shippers are keeping a close watch on low-sulfur fuel surcharges that have been applied to shipments since Dec. 1. Photo credit: Some container lines may […]

Gary Cohn to deliver TPM20 keynote address

An ardent free trader, Mr. Cohn has a unique perspective of trade policy that will resonate with major retailers, manufacturers, and other shippers of containerized cargo […]

Startups partner to automate global cold chain

Transship and its partners aim to speed the processing of perishables exports, including meats. Photo credit: When Amit Hasak looks at the global cold supply […]

Baltimore to begin upgrade for 14,000-TEU berth in Q1

Construction due to begin in 2020 will upgrade a berth at the Port of Baltimore to handle 14,000 TEU. Photo credit: Hugh R. Morley The operator […]

Startup offers a path through LA-LB chassis chaos

Shippers can face uncertain costs when container volumes spike and chassis in Southern California become scarce or get split from the terminal where a container is […]