Cargo risk tools get second look after early COVID-19 alerts

Even the most sophisticated risk monitoring system can’t account for all the potential disruptions to supply chains, so a key parallel capability for shippers to develop […]

US trucking firms move to safeguard drivers, employees amid COVID-19

Large trucking firms say they are extending pay for sick drivers. Truckers want to know how they For many truck drivers, the day now starts with […]

COVID-19 further complicates truck driver classification debate

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) adds another layer of complexity to the future of driver classification legislation in states such as California, New Jersey and New York. […]

China-Europe air cargo rates hit new highs on medical demand

The passenger deck of a Swiss Airbus 340 passenger plane is loaded with protective medical supplies for a flight from China to Switzerland. Photo credit: Swiss […]

High debt levels leave container lines exposed

The degree to which carriers can access capital and hold the line on capacity discipline will determine how they weather the financial storm brought on by […]

European shippers scramble to store unneeded imports

Storage options are needed for cargo owners as unwanted imports from China begin to arrive in Europe terminals. Photo credit: There is growing urgency for […]

JOC Rankings: US trucking revenue growth slams on the brakes

Revenue growth among the Top 50 US Trucking Companies slowed from 12.2 percent in 2018 to 1.3 percent in 2019. Photo credit: US trucking companies […]

COVID-19 clouds freight rate forecasting, stimulates demand

Demand for rate forecasting is a symptom of a broader desire for forward-looking visibility, something still rare in the supply chain. Photo credit: The coronavirus […]

US truckload shippers should prioritize carrier ties during recession: analysts

Trucking companies are bound to suffer in a US economic recession, so a strategic shipper will find ways to weather the storm together. Photo credit: North […]

US importers urged to ‘proactively’ challenge demurrage charges

“Even though terminals have reopened their gates, we’re challenged getting appointments,” a Los Angeles-area drayage executive said. Photo credit: US importers and drayage operators need […]