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In Ukraine there are five honey kinds of different botanical origin (herbalsun-flower, buckwheat, acacia, linden) that represent Ukraine as a “honey country”.

Single serving packages

There is also acacia honey that is available in 25 g single serving packages.
weight № of pieces in a wrap оf wraps in a layer № of pieces in a layer № of layers on a pallet
25 g 100 14 1400 10
250 g 5 28 28 6

We offers new line of goods, that represents rare honey plants of Ukraine. Such as: perennial sowthistle, echium vulgare, melilotus officinalis, phacelia tanacetifol, calluna vulgaris onobrychis, styphnolobiumjaponicum, linden that contain linden flower pollen not less than 20 %. This is not the complete list of goods that you can taste buying premium-class production. This production is packed in glassjars of unique type of 500g, places in carton packages and barrels of 700 g and 1400 g.
weight № of pieces in a wrap № оf wraps in a layer № of pieces in a layer № of layers on a pallet
500 g 5 24 120 5
700 g 1 48 48 4
1400 g 1 24 24 4

As the name itself indicates, this honey comes from nectar gathered by bees from different plants, both cultivated ones and those growing in meadows, forests, lowlands and mountains. It is a light creamy colour, or sometimes pale yellow. It crystallizes quickly, the colour turning to light grey or light brown. It has a characteristic rather strong waxy aroma, dependent on the mixture of nectars brought to the hive. The curative properties of honey depend on the plants the nectar has been collected from, but only the bees know this for sure. Mixed-flower honey is particularly suitable for people with allergies since it contains pollens that act as antigens.

Sunflower — is very import-ant honey plant. The duration of its blooming stretches to 20-70 days Bees sip nectar and pollen from it Melliferous capacity of sunflower is 30-40 kgs per hectare Sunflower nectar peculiarity is complete absence or little content (3-4%) of cane sugar. There are a lot of vitamins PP and E in sunflower seeds. The color is light-golden or light-amber. It crystallizes very quickly in coarse-grained mass. Varies by harsh flavor and has weak odor of sunflower. Sunflower honey has excellent medical properties. It is used to prevent violation of metabolic processes of the body and as general health-improving remedy.

This has a distinctive strong aroma that resembles the smell of a lime tree. The taste is sharp, slightly bitter. In the liquid state, the honey’s colour is greenish-yellow to light amber. The intensity of colour and taste differ depending on the region the honey, comes from. On crystallizing, the honey’s consistency is fine-grained and the colour becomes white-yellow or golden yellow. Lime-blossom honey exhibits expectorant, diaphoretic, antipyretic, sedative and antispasmodic properties. It is applied in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, the throat and the sinuses, in throat infections and for bronchitis Due to its high antibiotic activity, it is also applied in urinary tract diseases, rheumatic affections and neuroses.

Similarly to acacia honey buckwheat honey contains a lot of fructose. Its colour is dark, even brown. When stored for a long time in conditions exposed to light, 1 it changes colour to dark brown, even black. It crystallizes into coarse, hard I crystals that sediment out in fluid honey The taste is sharp even slightly burning. I Buckwheat honey contains a particularly large quantity of easily assimilable y magnesium, therefore, it is recommended as a component of an anti-cancer diet It is applied in the treatment of circulatory system diseases, especially those of sclerotic origin, as well as in liver diseases. This particular type of honey is recommended in cases of sight, hearing and memory impairments It also supports the cardiac muscle function.

It contains a large quantity of fructose, therefore it crystallizes very slowly The colour of pure acacia honey is light creamy, turning neutral. White or straw-coloured 1 after crystallization. The taste slightly resembles that of acacia flowers. Fully mature acacia honey is characterised by a higher content of sucrose than in other honeys. Acacia honey is applicable in the treatment of chronic gastric and duodenal ulcer diseases, of hyperacid gastritis, mucous membrane inflammations and spasmodic conditions of the intestines. In the case of ulcers acacia honey accelerates regeneration of the tissue of existing erosions and ulcerations It also affects intestine peristalsis and is characterised by a low biotic activity.

Creamed honey — natural bee honey changes its consistency from liquid to solid over the course of time. The crystals are large and hard. Creamed honey- created by long and gentle mixing- ciystalizes much more slowly than other types of honey The product retains all its original benefits: the activity of biologically active compounds, great taste, pleasant aroma and nice consistency Creamed honey with its fluffy consistency is easy to remove from ary container and it spreads splendidly on bread.

Early summer honey — contains the smell of various flowers, blossoming gardens It also can have different colours depending on plant flowering and their amount. This type of honey is sipped in the middle of May or first-second decade of June. Fresh honey is bright with some yellowish shade, very sweet without ary taste of bitterness andflavory It has a large number of medical properties: antiphlogistic action, antibacterial activity, analgesic, blood stauncher action. It also has a great success in curing cold, coughing, headache, overwork.

We would like to bring to your attention natural honey mixtures of royaljelly bee bread, propolis and pollen that combine all the good features of both honey and the additional component added to the mix that enriches honey with micro- and major- elements and amino acids.

We would like to draw your attention to the royal jelly canned with honey (1% solution). Royal jelly is a secretion product of maxillary and subpharyngeal glands of young working bees, is a high-energy food for queens and larvae in the queen cells Fresh royal jelly has consistency of cream, and color — from light cream to light yellow. In the fresh state the product is unstable, requiring processing. It consists of macro-and microelements, amino acid, hormones, enzymes, organic acid, vitamins and other biologically active substances. It ensures a rapid increase in body weight, increases vital activity and regulates the blood pressure. It is recommended for rehabilitation after serious illness and surgery It also improves the physical and mental well-being relieves fatigue.

Beebread is pollen gathered by honey bees, mixed with honey and a secretion from the bees’ salivary glands, stored in honeycomb cells and subjected to milk fermentation in anaerobic conditions in the bees’hive. Beebread’s nutritive, prophylactic and curative values are much higher than those of pollen due to its richer composition, preservation process and high assimilability.

Pollen is a bee product gathered by worker honey beesfrom flowers of plants, mainly entomphilous ones It is distinguished by its high content of B group vitamins, monosaccharides and polysaccharides, as well as amino acids, including arginine. It has antiaggregation (anticoagulant) effects It also contains other nutritive and biologically active substances It is called a vitamin bomb” because of its composition. It finds application particularly in convalescence, lack of appetite, vitamin deficiency, alimentary system and liver diseases For several years, pollen has been successfully applied in prostatic hypertrophy. Pollen treatment improves general feeling of well-being; enhances fitness and boosts immunity Pollen from different plants and from different picking periods demonstrate differentiated effects Those coming from the largest possible number of plant species are the richest in mineral elements Pollen is commercially available in theform of dried pollen, tablets, granules and in theform of a honey mixture. Children can be given ground pollen added to blackcurrant juice.

Propolis, also called bee glue, is a balsamic and resinous substance gathered by worker honey bees from buds of poplars, birches and other deciduous and coniferous trees It is composed of a number of biologically active substances showing very strong bactericidal and analgesic effects It exhibits high activity against somefungi and protozoa. It accelerates cell metabolism and has a general detoxication effect It regenerates bone and tissue, cartilage, epithelium and prevents scar formation. Propolis is applied in particular in treatment of bedsores, burns, ulcerations, slow-healing wounds and stomach ulcers, as well as in chronic ailments of the alimentary tract. It is succesfrilly applied in chronic throat inflammations, tonsillitis, and, in the form of suppositories, in gynaecological and haemorrhoid treatment. When applied with antibiotics, it enhances their effectiveness.
weight № of pieces in a wrap № оf wraps in a layer № of pieces in a layer № of layers on a pallet
250 g 15 10 150 10
400 g 15 10 150 6
500 g 6 12 72 5
1200 g 6 12 72 6
1400 g 6 10 60 5