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Red oak edged planks (strips):

Red oak edged planks (strips):

Sizes (length/width/thickness):

320;370;420mm x 50mm x 27mm

320;370;420mm x 60mm x 27mm

320;370;420mm x 70mm x 27mm

420;470;520mm x 80mm x 27mm

920;1020;1120;1220mm x 105mm x 27mm

Humidity: 10% (+/- 2%)

Packing: on pallets, constricted by strips. Grade. Grade: one side clean. On the second side, not the front, allowed: knots live, black knots up to 10mm no closer than 8 mm from the edge of the edge or end, sapwood not on the front side up to 1/3 of thickness.

Not allowed: wavy cut, sapwood, knots and side rotten, dark knots, pith, crust, wormholes, mold, rot, yellow fungus, cracks, whiteness, mechanical damage and other defects.

Volume: from 35 m3 per month

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