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Sugar  Beet Pulp Pellets (SBPP)

BEET MOLASSES Liquid beet molasses is used as raw material for production of spirits, syrups, ethanol, food acids and yeasts.

Packaging and Delivery options :

• CBC / ISO tankcontainer

• flexi -tank into 20” sea container.

Moisture max 14.0%
Sucrose max 10%
Impurities: max 1,5%
Non-granulated pulp content max 10%
Pellets size: 8 or 10 mm


White Crystal Sugar 

Standard crystals’ size – medium, with the option to produce large and small crystals Non- GMO, pesticides- free

Packaging options:

•Big Bags- 1,0 mt; 1,1 mt; 1,25 mt

•PP bags – 25 kg, 50 kg

•PP bags — 5 kg

Delivery options:

•20” or 40” sea containers

Floor loading by cargo-net into thevessel’s holds in 50 kg PP bags

Moisture max 0.05%
Reducing substances max 0,02%
Polarization 99,80%
Color 60-100 ICUMSA
Ashcontent max 0,02%
Ferro- magneticimpurities 0,0002%


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